An introduction about the wonderful world of SUP
Standup Paddleboarding is an ancient way to travel over the waters. Ancient Hawaiian kings use to ride waves with their wooden boards. They were rediscovered in Hawaii and from there, the "new" watersport spread throughout the world. SUP is a very versatile sport. Some merely like the incredible core exercise or use it for cardio-training. Lots of athletes in different sports train on SUPs for their sport.
Cruising past Barbara beach
Taking of on a wave
SUP with baby nui
SUP fitness
Others enjoy surfing with SUPs. Surfing a SUP has a much higher learning curve than regular surfing and it makes surfing small waves a lot of fun! The sport of SUP is easy to learn for most people. You don't need instruction because it's a very intuitive way to move over the water. However, if you are uncomfortable without instructions, you can sign up for a introduction class to get you going. You can decide for yourself if you want it to be a workout, or if you just want to relax. Going downwind on a SUP, paddling while enjoying the many sights, sounds and movement of the water is a very relaxing experience. The past few years, fitness, yoga and pilatus have found SUP. Because you are engaging your core without you even notice it your workout is even more effective.