Take a SUP trip as a shore excursion from your cruise!
A great way to experience Curacao from the water.

If you're cruising the Caribbean and are looking for a great shore excursion on Curacao, you're in the right spot. We'll pick you up from the docks and get you on a StandUp Paddleboard (SUP). After a quick instruction, you'll be on your way to discover Curacao by SUP with a guide! We can book your trip with a minimum of 2 persons. A SUP tour and a kayak tour differ a lot in the way you experience the water. Of course you can also sit on a SUP, but you'll get the greatest view and the best experience while standing. However, with a kayak you can paddle against the wind with less effort than on a SUP. That's why all our tours are completely downwind. We're not making you work on your vacation! (unless you want too :)

This clip is the Spanish Water Mangrove tour
It is designed so people who never have done it before
can enjoy a great paddle.
It is also a lot of fun if you do know how to paddleboard.

SUP is a also a great way to do a group excursion.
We can take as many as 20 people in our tours.