The search for the hidden island
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Tucked away in the old saltpanes there is treasure to be found. A small island, smack in the middle of the water. Lush with different plants and inhabited by "WaraWara" birds, the largest predatory birds of Curacao. The object of this tour is to find this hidden island. To find it, we'll have to paddle downwind on the ocean and cross over into the salt planes. In the middle of this nature reserve, you'll find a mini-island which nobody ever sees. This tour also is for the more advanced paddlers. The island is only reachable when there is hardly any wind or by the more advanced paddlers. After touring the hidden island, we'll continue our ocean route en finish at Seaquarium beach.
Reaching the island at sunset
Rounding the island
Transition from ocean to saltpane
Continue to seaquarium beach
On the way down at Curacao